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Relevant research suggests that Africans have always understood the issue of God from a scientific perspective, as it relates to the state of knowledge at various times in history and this was generally achieved without the presences of dogma, revelations, prophets or messiahs. Since the sages of Africa never met God, they built a rational religion whose symbolism revealed truths that were in line with the discoveries of present-day cosmology. Some of these truths have been taken up by the religions of the Book (Christianity and Islam) which have gradually broken away from them by opening the way to new ideas such as “faith”, “revelation”, “dogma” and many others that are very far from their first version, scientific and Negro-Egyptian.Ultimately, it is man who understands and explains the issue of God according to his own desire. Therefore, we must end with these “absolute” certainties, which are the source of so many fanaticisms, exclusivism, wars of religion and religions of war that essentially destroy humanity. If the law of life is indeed diversity, then we should stop the cultural archaism that prescribes forcing nations to adopt religions different from theirs, especially when they are intolerant, warlike, enslaving people and unrelated to scientific advances.

African Religion - from Quantum Cosmology to the Symbolism of God

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